Unify Front-and Back-office Business Processes with Microsoft Dynamics

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This unified Microsoft Dynamics ERP/CRM solution is designed to meet the specific enterprise-level needs of semiconductor and high technology electronics companies.

At WPC 2012, Axonom and Armanino Consulting announced a partnership to deliver the first "fully unified," high tech-specific Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solution for semiconductor and high technology electronics companies.

We introduced a CfMD (Certified for Microsoft Dynamics) unified ERP and CRM solution that delivers the highest level of visibility and control firms need today to continue innovating at a rapid pace and increase market and customer responsiveness, while controlling costs and adhering to regulations.

This unified solution allows cross-departmental business processes to flow between ERP and CRM automatically and includes specific functions for forecasting, quotes, order management, credit management, invoices, shipping status, backlog, available-to-promise, inventory status, financials and other business processes.

White Paper
Take a minute to read our white paper to find out more about Axonom and Armanino Consulting's fully unified, high tech-specific ERP and CRM solution. High Tech and Electronic Equipment Companies: Gain Greater Efficiency, Agility and Control with a Unified ERP and CRM Solution with Microsoft Dynamics

Key Benefits

  • The product is aligned with the semiconductor and electronics business model.
  • Seamless front- and back-office integration.
  • Empowers complex, multi-tiered channel sales networks with design win management, product configuration, forecast management, and customer and partner portals.
  • Simplifies complexities of semiconductor supply chain management, providing rich support for supply chain partner integration, mixed-mode manufacturing and advanced planning scenarios including reverse BOM planning, yield management, binning and grading, substitutions and alternate production paths.
  • Operates on Microsoft Dynamics platform.
  • Enterprise-wide unification of business processes across departments, locations and systems.
  • Industry-specific functionality is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD), indicating the solution has met Microsoft’s highest standard for partner developed solutions.

Designed to Help...
This product helps semiconductor, software and internet, medical device, and electronics manufacturers to empower their sales forces, cut costs and time-to-market, improve forecast accuracy, and manage distributor relationships and supply chains.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM combined with Powertrak Design Win, Quote and Product Configurator, Customer and Partner Portals, Service Management, Forecasting, and Project Time and Billing provide embedded communications, collaboration, and analytics capabilities within the end-to-end business solution.

 By Axonom, Global ISV for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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