Survey Says CRM Software is a Priority for CIOs

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An article in Enterprise Apps Today reports that CRM is a priority for CIOs according to a 2012 survey by Gartner. CRM skyrocketed to 8th place (up from 18th) on the list of IT priority rankings for chief information officers (CIO). Gartner surveyed 2,335 CIOs in 45 countries, including over 37 industries to collect its data.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help companies make valuable connections with customers, so it is no surprise that the more competitive and risky economy of this decade would warrant a closer look at CRM. Moreover, a shift in how customers use technology might also be an important factor when companies look to upgrade their CRM systems.

One of the most significant ways in which customers have changed the way they use technology is the adoption of social media, and many of the world's most innovating and successful companies have adopted social media wholeheartedly. As they upgrade or purchase new CRM systems, they will look for social media integration for internal and external use.

CRM software revenue is expected to increase to $12.8 billion in 2012, up from the already record-breaking $12 billion in 2011. Much of that new revenue will come from cloud-based CRM software, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2012 Online.

Microsoft is one of the few CRM vendors that has managed to balance the line between on-premise CRM and software as a service, while others have largely chosen one or the other. Few CIOs want to be boxed into a corner with limited options. Microsoft has led the way in providing them with a plethora of options and resources to successfully implement CRM in their companies.

By PDG Consultants,  Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner in New Jersey

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  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM had used a fairly simple to use and intuitive, but to see the difference in CRM systems need to try and test the free version. In many known systems working together have free versions, for example on is implemented well. Or you can search for other systems

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