Setting the Quick Find Search Criteria in CRM 2011

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Every second counts when you are on the phone with a customer. If you can’t find their record quickly, the customer starts to lose patience. If the customer loses too much patience you may lose the customer.

In CRM 2011 the fastest way to find a record is through Quick Find, which is located on the top right of the main grid for each entity. You can search by keywords and even with partial information by using the asterisk wildcard.

However, in order to save time Quick Find only searches a handful of fields. These default fields vary by entity but Quick Find only searches the selected fields.

If you have customized your system you most likely have added additional fields that should be searched, such as a unique ID number. Without adjusting the Quick Find search criteria you will not be able to find the records by using that unique ID number.

Fortunately, changing the search criteria is easy:

  • Click on SETTINGS
  • Expand the entity that you want to edit (i.e. Account) and click on VIEWS
  • Open the QUICK FIND view
  • Add a check mark next to the fields you need Quick Find to search (i.e. ID Number)
  • Click OK

Your Quick Find will now search the new custom fields you added. Just be sure to not overload Quick Find with too many fields as that will slow down your search. You can follow the above steps and remove search fields as well—a good idea if your customized CRM no longer uses that field.

If you need help with implementation or customization don’t hesitate to contact Cargas Systems. We are a certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner offering software, services, and support that help improve your business processes.

By Dave Packard with Cargas Systems, Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner


4 thoughts on “Setting the Quick Find Search Criteria in CRM 2011”

  1. Hi, I am configuring quick search for an entity, but the result is not displaying 1st 3 fields which it should, by default. It displays only first 2 fields even if the third field contains data. Any suggestions what more should be tried?

  2. Is there any way to change the search criteria for a field? It appears to always use "begins with". I don't have many fields that I want included in the quick search, but I really need the search to do a "contains" on the title field (for cases).


    1. Anyone using this in the future -- use an * before the search, e.g. '*keyword' to see more options and avoid the 'begin with' default search style.

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