Save Time on Marketing Campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM

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The only way to save time when completing a mass marketing campaign is to have someone else do it for you. When you can’t push the task off on someone else, then let Microsoft Dynamics® CRM make it a little easier.

Spend less time on marketing efforts and get better results. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an easy to use marketing solution that can turn every touch point into meaningful data and improve marketing productivity.  When you are ready to prepare a special marketing campaign, you can target prospects or existing customers with greater accuracy and send tailored marketing data to specific groups. Save time and money from sending information to customers that aren’t interested in those products or services and are unlikely to respond to cross-sales or up-sales. The Quick Campaign Wizard will speed you through the set-up of a new campaign and the embedded mail merge functionality will release your communications quickly and easily.

After sending out marketing materials, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will capture and track responses, including responses from Internet landing pages. Score the responses so you know which responses are more likely to lead to a new customer relationship. Using workflows and conditional formatting, the most promising leads can be highlighted for sales representatives to see first. Microsoft Dynamics CRM will automatically share follow-up tasks or leads based on customer responses. Send the leads to the sales representatives with the specialized knowledge for the various products or services you offer.

The built-in workflows speed up tasks by sending out approvals with automatic follow-up triggers. You can set up alerts to remind you to perform tasks or when campaign milestones are being achieved. One of the best features is the ability to access your customer data from a web-enabled Smartphone or tablet. Keep activities on track by addressing approvals or completing tasks while you are on the road. You can also assign leads, track budgets, or track metrics while away from the office. You don’t need to delay data collection or data sharing when you can’t be at the office.

When you can’t push off marketing responsibilities on the next guy, let Microsoft Dynamics CRM make it easier. Create, send, and follow-up on marketing campaigns much easier and faster than ever before. Then use the rich data to fine-tune your efforts to yield better results. You can save time, improve productivity, and improve profitability with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Contact Socius for more information about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can save you time and improve marketing efforts.

By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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  1. Great tool and of great quality as it comes from Microsoft. For my marketing campaigns management I use Comindware task manager which seems to work rather effective.

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