Move Over Midmarket, Microsoft Proves Dynamics CRM Is For Enterprise Level Too

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 Forget what you think you know about Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If you thought it was just for small to medium companies and relegated to only the "midmarket" industries, think again. More major enterprises are discovering that the robust Microsoft Dynamics Platform can help them revolutionize the way they do business.

Companies that are building submarines and shipping automobiles all over the globe are starting to realize how comfortable it can be managing their businesses with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Last week, President of Microsoft Business Solutions, Kirill Tatarinov, spoke in Toronto about the ways Microsoft Dynamics is affecting enterprise partners in "highly specialized, vertical markets" all over the world, eroding previous notions that Microsoft Dynamics is only relevant in midmarket buisness.

“With Microsoft Dynamics, partners can put familiar tools such as Microsoft Office and SharePoint on top of huge business datasets stored in SQL Server. The potential of this is as limitless as the market itself. We’re only beginning to explore it," Tatarinov explained.

One example of successful enterprise implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in particular is Technosoft, an Indonesian-based Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, that has developed solutions for a variety of clients spanning manufacturing, distribution, and many other industries. Specifically, Technosoft has created an innovative method of using Dynamics CRM to handle the intricacies of business processes that global automotive dealerships manage daily.

Processing vehicle sales, delivery, registrations, and even after-sale workshop operations, Techosoft's enterprise customers utilize Microsoft Dynamics from beginning to end. Over the course of a vehicle's entire life cycle, the Techosoft method continues to keep track of it. Dealers are connected through phone calls, emails, and even social media.

“It’s not just about processing vehicle sales orders and work orders, it’s about building loyalty from customers to the dealer and the brand. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows us to develop our solution with this CRM strategy in mind," said Fredy Tandiary, Technosoft co-founder.

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By PDG Consultants, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Experts in New Jersey


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