Look Out! Three CRM Trends to Watch Out for this Year

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Luckily for us, software continues to advance just as fast as our technology, and CRM is no different.  Here are a few of the trends for CRM software in the next year:

  1. Social CRM is Gaining Speed: Many companies are realizing that the most important information is in the conversations happening outside their own walls. Clients, partners, and even competitors are talking on social media and CRM needs to capture this vital information for companies to paint a complete picture.
  2. Customizable and User Friendly Interface: Your employees are getting pickier about software solutions because…they can be! There are so many mobile and customizable features for CRM these days that they have a right to demand an easy-to-use CRM interface. And not only does that make your employees happy, it greatly increases productivity.
  3. The Cornerstone for Building Quality Relationships: CRM is and will continue to be where companies put it all together. The information put into CRM will help companies build, as well as maintain important business relationships. This can include of course clients, but also partners and even internal team members. CRM is getting more and more interactive to make the information fluid and always up-to-date, ensuring effective sales and marketing strategies.

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM tackled these trends before they were even common knowledge. With Social Media features, cloud based capabilities, and intuitive interfaces for multiple types of relationships, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has you covered. For more information on how Microsoft Dynamics CRM meets the three trends above, set up a demo with us at Rimrock Corporation.


By Rimrock Corporation, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner out of Toronto

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