Get Ready for the CRM 2011 Cross-Browser Upgrade

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You may or may not be aware that the long awaited CRM 2011 "R8/UR9/Q2-2012" upgrade is just around the corner – Much of the work that went into updating CRM in this release was to enable cross-browser support.  (yay!)

For a while we’ve known that existing 4.0-style code (crmForm.*) would need to be upgraded to the CRM 2011 style (XRM.*) code.  But until recently, the common assumption was that all 4.0-style code would continue to work in IE after the upgrade – but that’s not entirely accurate. – Some 4.0 style code will need to be updated in order to make it compatible with this upgrade - even in IE.

The Custom Code Validation Tool

The CRM Engineering / Support team recently released a tool to evaluate the code in a CRM environment for compatibility post R8.

Follow the directions in the post to load the solution into your environment. Once you’ve loaded it into your CRM environment and you can access it directly via a URL like this –

The navigation/interface is horrible, but the information it produces is really good.

In environments I’ve reviewed, I’ve seen a limited number of IE-breaking changes – But I see quite a few changes that will need to be updated in order to get CRM working in Chrome, and on iPads etc.



For more information on upgrading scripts to support R9 – please see this post -

Let us know if you’ve found this information helpful – your comments are appreciated.
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