Employees Work Smarter, Not Harder with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Too often, productivity is confused with getting employees to work harder. True productivity gains actually come when you make work easier for your employees.

Systems that bog down your workers

When your employees are dealing with your customers, can they answer questions quickly and accurately without checking multiple sources? Or, do your employees struggle with:

  • Inconsistent customer data across multiple systems. Do they know which system has the most recent phone number for a customer contact?
  • Paper invoices crammed into thick customer folders. When a customer calls to reorder, do they have to go searching through the files?
  • Service schedules kept in Excel spreadsheets. Can employees schedule a service call without tracking down the latest schedule print out?

Your employees want to make customers happy. If they have to spend time tracking down an answer to every request, it’s frustrating and stressful.

Make work easier with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

With the right mix of processes and technology, making work easier for your employees will deliver real productivity gains. Give your employees the tools to succeed with:

  • Centralized data for all customer-facing staff to help them respond quickly to requests.
  • Consolidated communications and interactions for your marketing team to build social communities.
  • Deeper customer information that sales people can use throughout the sales cycle.
  • Historic data, product information and scheduling all in one place for customer service reps to resolve questions and handle problems on the first call.

You can deliver all of these processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, giving employees the tools to meet customer expectations without wasting time searching for information.

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  1. Everything that comes from Microsoft can be of great quality, but they are usually lagging behind, I mean that they introduce new things as soon as many other tools are made. For example, my company has chosen Comindware task manager which is ideal for team work.

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