Capture and Organize Customer Data the RIGHT Way with CRM

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Every experienced sales person has their own special way to find new customers, organize customer data, and maintain long-term customer relationships.  The most creative files and spreadsheets are sure to contain a wealth of information about prized customers.  Provide your sales team with a more powerful way to capture and organize their customer data.

While you may find it comfortable and safe to have important customer data in spreadsheets, files, or notebooks, you really only have a limited view of your customer data – like a 2-D movie.  You have the bare basics to provide necessary customer service to your customers.  However, using a more powerful technology, like Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, will put your important customer data in 3-D, enabling you to do more with the data you have and provide exceptional customer service.

Sales representatives can be territorial about their own customers.  They don’t want to risk losing longstanding, valuable customers to a co-worker or losing data in confusing software.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM is easy to use, like other commonly used Microsoft products, and you can still protect your individual customer data by organizing sales territories by person, product, or other qualifiers.  Assigning companies, products, or services to the right people will ensure that customers will receive personalized attention from their experienced, knowledgeable sales representative.  Another significant benefit is the ability to post sales tips and tricks in the Resource Center.  Sharing ideas will save everyone time from pursuing efforts that don’t yield optimal results, and focusing on the efforts that close deals.

Finally, another feature that will take your customer service ability yet another step above competitors' is the ability to manage case histories in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Identifying trends in product or service preferences and seasonal or other trends in purchases will help you anticipate their next call.  You can anticipate your customers’ needs before they know they have needs.  Contact your customer with a replenishment offer or cross-sell a service.  This extra effort will show your customer that you really understand their business needs, something that you simply can’t do with spreadsheets alone.

The right tool in the right hands, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the hands of your sales and marketing staff, could take customer satisfaction to a much higher level – ahead of competitors.  Moving from files and basic spreadsheets will open doors to customer relationships and improve customer service.  Contact Soicus for more information about how to organize your CRM data the right way with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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