Build More Effective Marketing Campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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When you mail flyers and postcards, release mass emails, make phone calls to prospects and customers, and conduct all the other marketing efforts, how do you know what efforts are the most effective and which just waste your time?  With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can pinpoint which efforts yield the greatest results and eliminate the efforts that steal time away from your customers.

The trick in allowing Microsoft Dynamics CRM to do this is changing up your workflow a bit. Many marketers are working off a budget. They create a plan that corresponds with that budget, but the tracking of the actual activity sometimes gets forgotten and then that marketing department is at a loss by the end of the year. They don’t know what worked, what sales could be attributed to marketing, and they don’t know what activities to propose for the next year.

Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is really fool proof, you just have to enter the information you have and keep that information up to date. Since it ties into what the sales department does, you can see the lead qualification process all the way through to the closed deals in an easy to read dashboard view. The information is reportable so you can create charts that make it easy to identify trends. This insight allows for proper planning for the next marketing activity. You can also set up alerts so you never miss a step. Marketing teams can seamlessly assign opportunities to the sales team to ensure no prospective customer goes unaccounted for.

If you’re interested in building more effective marketing campaigns, CRM just may be your answer. Contact us at Sherwood Systems or plan to attend one of our informative CRM luncheons at our office in Phoenix, AZ.

By Sherwood Systems – Arizona Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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