4 Reasons to Trust Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

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With any customer relationship management solution, the security of your business critical customer and sales data is paramount.  Gene Phifer, vice president and distinguished analyst for Gartner, put it this way: “Enterprises should ensure that potential cloud service providers are trustworthy in areas of security, privacy, and operational characteristics - Transparency in a cloud vendor is key and security should be as big a concern with online deployments as with on-premises deployments.”

Microsoft acknowledges and embraces the need for transparency when it comes to data security and privacy.  In their whitepaper, “The Microsoft Approach to Cloud Transparency,” they write: “the opportunity offered by cloud computing requires balancing the benefits of moving data, processing, and capacities to the cloud with the implications of data security, privacy, reliability, and regulatory requirements.”

In order to help you find that balance, Microsoft has created The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Trust Center which features their four principles of trust:

Privacy – In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, your data is just that – yours.  They do not monitor, scan, or access your customer, sales, or marketing data, nor do they share that data with other customers.

Transparency – You have a right to know who is accessing your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online data, what it is being accessed for, where your data is located and why it is located there.  Microsoft makes all of that information available to you so that you never need to question the security or privacy of your data.

Independent Verification – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online complies with the best security benchmarks and industry standards in the world which can be verified by independent third-parties.  Microsoft will also provide you with documentation to ensure that, by using Dynamics CRM Online, you remain compliant with local regulations.

Relentless Security – Microsoft has been securing online data for over 15 years, giving them the experience and knowledge to ensure that your Dynamics CRM Online solution is secure at all five layers - data, application, host, network, and physical.

If you are ready to trust Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with your business critical customer data, start with a free trial today!

By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Partner in Ohio, Kansas City, and California

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