White Paper: 24 Wildly Creative Ways Real Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Do you think that CRM software is just a glorified Rolodex?  In fact, CRM software can do so much more than just manage contacts and sales activities; it can transform your business in ways you probably never imagined. To prove it, The CRM Software Blog compiled examples from CRM experts around the world who are working with businesses across all industries to help them get more value out of their CRM software. You can read the results in the new white paper, “24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics® CRM to Drive Revenue and Serve Customers”. 

For example, read about the:

  • National league baseball team using predictive analysis to anticipate buying trends.
  • Franchise management company using CRM to keep their sales team off the road. 
  • Forklift manufacturing company that gives clients the option to configure their orders on mobile devices.
  • Rental company using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to schedule all their assets across locations.
  • Industrial electronics repair company that can track their entire order process in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Financial services company that is finally able to rate the value of their referral relationships.
  • Non-Profit using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to track a complex inventory process that now operates on 55% of their previous budget.

This report is perfect for you if you want to prove the business value of CRM software, evaluate the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM or be inspired to use CRM in wildly creative ways for your own business.

This upbeat and engaging white paper is easy to read and designed to inspire you to think of ways to improve your own business. Download 24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics® CRM to Drive Revenue and Serve Customers at www.crmsoftwareblog.com/creative-crm.

15 CRM Software Blog members contributed to this white paper: 2B Solutions, Inc, AbleBridge,  Altico Advisors,  Axonom, Crestwood Associates, Customer Effective , Green Beacon Solutions ,  Hero Technical Solutions ,  Intellitec Solutions ,  InterDyn Artis, Ledgeview Partners, Sherwood Systems, Socius, The TM Group, TSG 

A few early reviews of the new white paper:

“The content is accurate, examples realistic and readily achievable using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In fact I really like it, a great idea and a breath of fresh air from the usual white paper format." Peter Elgar, TSG

“We are continually hearing about new, unexpected ways that companies are creating value for their customers and employees with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Those organizations who are ready to catch up with industry leaders will find inspiration in this white paper.”  Barb Levisay, Contributing Editor, Redmond Channel Partner Magazine

“CRM is no longer just a place for contacts and appointments, and this white paper really illustrates great ways customers have made it their own.  And with 24 unique examples, and there really is something for everyone here.  If you’re trying to get management to see CRM’s value, start here.” Donna Krizik, Crestwood Associates   

“When I read the 23 other submissions by my colleagues on the CRM Software Blog, I was totally wowed by the vastly different and sometimes heroic ways that Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners across the country have helped their clients grow and add value to their businesses and the constituencies that they serve. This white paper highlights more “wildly creative” ways to use CRM than even I thought were possible; the possibilities are infinite.” Marcia Doron, Altico Advisors

We invite you to download this practical yet easy to read white paper to find inspiration for your own business. Download CRM Software Blog White Papers

By CRM Software Blog Editors, www.crmsoftwareblog.com

2 thoughts on “White Paper: 24 Wildly Creative Ways Real Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM”

  1. Sharon McCarthy

    I just listened to the MP3 download of this white paper and i must say, I really enjoyed it. It's very well written and read and I love it when people think 'outside of the box'; it will spur the imagination of many users. I can't wait to see version two: 24 More... which you probably will be able to write after your readers chime in with their own Wildly Creative Ways to use CRM.
    Good job!

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