Use Dynamics CRM to Enable Web-based Lead Capture

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We’ve all seen this particular form on corporate web sites. The one with “who to contact” or “have any questions?” - there’s usually a series of fields that lets potential customers enter their contact information and then press a submit button. The data in this HTML form should land in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, but often it ends up in a separate database or, even worse, as an email in someone’s inbox. There’s an easy way to correct this.

In the cloud version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there is a wizard called Internet Lead Capture found under the Sales tab within Dynamics CRM. Lead Capture does all the heavy lifting. You can direct the web administrator to go there to scoop up the bits of HTML needed for a more useful and practical contact entry form.

To start the wizard, select the “Lead capture form” option under “Create a new landing page”. The other option, “Lead capture page” would make sense if you’re building a site from scratch. The wizard then directs you to select fields from the appropriate Dynamics records for name, title, company, email, cell phone, etc.

The wizard even lets you arrange the fields as they should appear in the form. In the last step, the wizard generates all the HTML, which your admin can then copy-and-paste into the current contact page.

And that’s it. The new contact form HTML, of course, will take on the existing style setting set by the page’s CSS. Your web admin can perform any additional tweaking in her favorite web design editor.

Now when web visitors and soon-to-be customers enter their follow up information in this contact form, the data will automatically be added into your company's Microsoft Dynamics CRM database.

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by MIG & Co., New York Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

3 thoughts on “Use Dynamics CRM to Enable Web-based Lead Capture”

  1. Hi Jon,

    No additional plug-in is needed to use this within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


  2. Demand for web based CRM software is increasing day by day. It enhances better customer realtionship. One of the biggest advantage which favor web based is that , records can be easily edited, saved and updated on real time basis.

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