Top 6 Reasons Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Beats Every Time

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Here are the top 6 reasons Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online beats as the CRM system of choice for thousands of users.

  1. No Hidden Costs. costs more for the same out-of-the-box functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In comparing the cost of to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you have to pay $125/per user/per month to have comparable functionality to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for which you pay only $44/per user/per month.
  2. Microsoft Outlook Integration. Most employees spend a large portion of their work day in Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Dynamics CRM functions within Microsoft Outlook. It also shares a familiar user interface. This ease of use and familiarity allows users to adopt it more readily and quickly capturing value from their Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployments. offers a Microsoft Outlook add-on that will synch some, but not all, CRM information.  The lack of Outlook integration in results in redundant activities, counterintuitive processes, and increase  likelihood of errors and low productivity.
  3. Uptime Guarantee. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online offers a financially backed, 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA). does not have a SLA. That is a huge difference. Nobody wants to lose productivity on system downtime, which can be very costly.
  4. Offline Productivity. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can access offline data through Microsoft Outlook. Outlook users can keep an entire copy of their CRM information locally on their computer. Some editions allow users access to some CRM data for an additional price.
  5. Native Order and Invoice Tracking Capabilities. If you need order and invoice tracking, customers have no choice but to build both objects and processes themselves, taking up more time and money. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online automates the process by sharing inventory, discount, shipping, taxes, and terms with other systems, such as your ERP system. Improved visibility of financial information across the organization boosts productivity and customer satisfaction.
  6. More Storage Space. charges nearly twice the extra storage fees compared to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, making it an added financial burden needing an external file repository. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online offers license holders 5 GB of storage, compared to 1 GB offers. The extra storage size makes storing content directly in the product an added bonus.

Evaluating a CRM solution for your company is a big decision and can have a huge impact on your business. Take your time in evaluating software, take advantage of the free trials available, and make sure you are taking into account the total solution from usability, to functionality to scalability.

As you can see from this post comparing to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers many advantages over at a very attractive price. If you are interested in evaluating Microsoft Dynamics CRM, contact Magenium Solutions.

By Magenium Solutions, a Microsoft certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner in Chicago, IL. Follow us on Twitter or Connect on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Top 6 Reasons Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Beats Every Time”

  1. Hello Colm:

    For basic campaign functionality and sending emails through the standard subscription, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is limited only by your outbound email servers or service, however, you're organization is likely to be flagged for spamming without the use of an email marketing solution which provide advanced campaign functionality such as the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing add-on or Click Dimensions.

    Dynamics CRM Marketing currently has a limit of 50,000 emails per month, and an additional 10K emails can be sent for around $50. Alternatively, Click Dimensions has a limit of 60,000 to over 2,000,000 emails/year (5K to 167K per month), depending on the package.

    The Magenium CRM team would love to assist and work with you. Please contact us from our website at to discuss.

  2. The daily email limit of Salesforce is 1000 x mails per Org. This is useless when talking about Campaigns. They state that Exact target is best for running Campaigns and seeing the ROI etc. What is the mailing limit of MS Dynamics? I mean, if you want to run a Campaign and you want to send out say 5000 x mails for this Campaign, how is this done? Salesforce can't do this as the 1000 x email limit is for the whole ORG. Must you buy the MS Dynamics Marketing solution on top of the Professional edition to do this?


  3. Salesforce has Partner Community Named Users and Login per Month user license types. These users can then login to the Partner Community and create Opportunities, collaborate using Chatter and look at Reports and Dashboards created for them. Do MS Dynamics has similar Partner Community licenses? How much do MS charge for these licenses?

    Thanking you in advance.

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