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The successful completion of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM sales automation project for a non-hazardous waste pre-treatment and recycling corporation operating in the Midwest caused a bit of a dilemma for their parent company.  After noticing the ease and smooth transition of their subsidiary company’s total sales automation, the parent wanted to adopt the same cloud-based program that was working seamlessly for their other recycling corporation subsidiary. The TM Group was engaged to enable this parent company’s additional subsidiary to manage their relationships, workflows and business needs that are mission critical for their company.
Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, The TM Group provided an integrated customer relationship management solution designed specifically for this recycling corporation. They wanted their sales and operations streamlined with strong analytic and metric reporting.  They needed to connect their widespread team of sales personnel so they could communicate more effectively. They needed a system that would track all leads, opportunities, and sales.  We provided the mechanism to track sales activity and competitive product information to identify up-sell / cross-sell opportunities into their customer base. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, The TM Group delivered a level of visibility they didn’t have previously with another SAAS CRM solution. Oh and did I mention that the implementation cycle was accomplished in less than 5 weeks?

Rapid software deployments are really about keeping it simple. The benefits of rapid deployments can really add up. For example, companies can run their business as usual without taking any time out for a lengthy implementation process. And, the less they customize their CRM solution from the onset, the less budget is needed up front. No Hardware affiliated costs; you can access the program remotely, and with an economical price tag of just $44 per month per user, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an affordable solution.


To learn even more, continue to visit our website at:  Also, please read an informative and comprehensive article submitted by The TM Group’s Kevin Alexander at:, page 10.

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