Have You Started the Dialogue in CRM 2011?

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Interactive Process Dialogs: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 expands its workflow capability by adding interactive dialog process. This functionality improves the user experience dramatically, by guiding the user in simple prompts for specific functions and CRM creates the specific entity record (lead, campaign response, account). Dialogs collect and process information by using step-by-step scripts to direct users through every process.  Organizations can use dialogs to guide the sales team process in the system, specifically in cases where certain information is needed to perform a function in CRM (fill out a service request, a credit check form, or a lead qualification process). In addition to this, once the data is entered and the process automatically creates the record in CRM, a workflow can be triggered to request approval or notify other areas as required.

What about Connections? The ability to set up connections between different entities – not only between accounts, contacts and opportunities is another new feature available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Linking marketing campaigns and service requests helps to manage customer service procedures creating relationships between otherwise separate entities which facilitates reporting and monitoring of data. This tool also offers more robust customer retention and allows the users to access combined data from the different modules – it can be restricted to specific reporting options – maintaining security while promoting information sharing and efficiency.

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