Getting CRM Out of the Office

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Mobile devices are gaining popularity worldwide, now becoming much more commonplace at home and in the office. This shift in computing has brought new challenges to existing business applications. Many applications in use today take for granted the relatively high computing resources and standard Windows and Internet Explorer stack, not to mention simple screen real estate, available on today’s modern workstation. Tasks that are processed within seconds on a full workstation cause even modern tablets or mobile phones quite a bit of trouble, if they can perform them at all.

Dynamics CRM 2011 has always been able to support mobile users via CRM Mobile Express but with significant limitations: simple forms, no lookups, no javascript, no workflows, and a lack of visual appeal. Given these limitations, many of our clients (disappointingly) choose to opt out of this feature and simply require mobile users to access Dynamics CRM with a laptop, either with the CRM Offline client or via IFD. This situation is set to change next month with the release of Update Rollup 9 for CRM 2011:

Update Rollup 9, which includes the Q2 2012 Service Release, is projected to be released on 7/19/2012. This update boasts many new features, not least of which is the much anticipated enhanced mobile device access! This new functionality will deliver a native mobile client for Windows Phone 7.5, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices called Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile. Your Mac and Chrome users will also be excited to hear that Internet Explorer is no longer a requirement as Dynamics CRM will now supports Safari (Mac and iPad), Firefox (PC and Mac), and Chrome (PC) as well!

July should be an exciting time for CRM users, bringing seamless access to your business data outside your network boundaries and across multiple platforms. For potential CRM users, there’s never been a better time to sign up and see what it can do for you.

by Ryan Bettale, Nexus Tek, Colorado Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner


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