CSX Transportation Moves Forward with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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CSX Transportation began its railroad transportation business in 1827, and now it's 2012 and the company employs more thatn 32,000 people and manages 21,000 miles of railway in 23 states.

CSX has a vision of being "the safest, most progressive North American railroad, relentless in its pursuit of customer and employee excellence," and thanks to Microsoft CRM, they are well on their way to achieving customer excellence.

“Our customer information was spread across so many systems that we lacked a complete view into our customer relationships. We were unable to see, for example, the many customer touch points that may have existed across our different business groups. We needed a way to bring all our information together and enable people to collaborate on our accounts in a more strategic and efficient manner so that we could continue to grow our business and provide the level of responsiveness that customers expect from us,” says Vicki Burton, Director of CRM for CSX.

Microsoft CRM allows sales reps to better manage their customer portfolios and marketing groups to focus on specific markets based on a central source of information.

CSX has been able to identify new business opportunites, enable collaboration, drive productivity, and improve customer relationships with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Post by: Hannah Mayer, Customer Effective

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