CRM: Are Your Salespeople Wandering Around for Business?

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CRM: Are Your Salespeople Wandering Around for Business?



Gone are the days of showing up at your best client's office every other week with a box of doughnuts and expecting to leave with an order. To be successful today, you must show value and help customers achieve their goals. A properly implemented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can pave the way to success in today's selling climate.

Implementing a CRM program enables you and your sales team to organize customer data that will keep your efforts fluid and fast. CRM is as mobile as a click on an icon. This flexibility allows users to immediately enter customer updates while moving from appointment to appointment! It also assists in monitoring sales efforts and tracks competitive win/loss information.

Another great feature of CRM is its ability to integrate tools like Google Analytics. This level of valuable, statistical information can be used to assist with strategic e-marketing campaigns and monitoring costs to effectively measure success and ROI.

Is CRM right for you? Implementing a CRM program in your organization will help you take the guess work out of your sales process and keep your sales team moving forward efficiently and effectively. To learn more about how CRM is helping Industrial Suppliers, attend the CRM session at this year's Executive Development Retreat. Find details here.

Editor's Note: Contributions for this article were made by David Buggy, Vice President and Partner at Beringer Associates, Inc. and Ashley Kurtzman, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Tour de Force CRM, Inc.

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