Time Savers in CRM 2011: Recently Viewed and Pinning Records

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When you are evaluating CRM software, you want to choose one that will be easy to use and save you time. One time saver in  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is the ability to keep track of your most recently viewed records. You can “pin” records that you use frequently.

Wherever you are in CRM, you will see a Home icon (which directs you back to the area of CRM you have marked as your default home), and a folder with a star on it; this is the recently viewed records icon.  When you click on the recently viewed records icon, you will see the 10 most recent views and the 40 most recent records.

Next to each record and view, you will see a push-pin icon.  When it is grey, the record is not pinned.  If you click on it, the icon turns green and looks like a pin pushed into a cork board.  These pinned records will remain there until you un-pin them.  The other records will disappear based on first in, first out.

I frequently use this feature as I have  clients that I work with on a daily basis so it makes sense to pin these records so they are easier to find and it saves me valuable time.

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By Andrea Lange, DFC Consultants, North Dakota CRM Partner

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