Strengthen the Relationship between Sales and Marketing with CRM Software

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Do you ever get the sense that your sales and marketing teams fight like cats and dogs? Sales is blaming marketing because they don’t have enough in the pipeline, while marketing gets frustrated because sales follow through is lacking.  Break the cycle by getting your whole team on the same page.  It’s as simple as providing them with the right customer relationship management (CRM) software.

What can give your marketing team the data they need to generate effective marketing campaigns, as well as provide the sales team with the ability to close sales faster?  Microsoft Dynamics® CRM is the best of both worlds.  Powerful marketing and sales features will bring both  teams together, each working toward the same goal – providing superior customer service.

The marketing team can use powerful analytics built into Microsoft Dynamics CRM to design campaigns that best attract new customers and remind existing customers why they should return to your company.  Know what efforts are the most effective so you can save money on your marketing activities, and get better results.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers the sales team a deep view of customers so you can pull up sales histories and be prepared to replenish a customer before they know they need replenishing.  Automating common sales processes will reduce the time for the sales cycle.  Streamlining proposal and contract approvals means your customer gets the documents they need to make decisions.  The faster you get a proposal out, the faster it can get signed and returned.

Providing the marketing and sales team with the right technology will enable both departments to work with greater productivity, as well as provide better customer service.  Like other Microsoft products, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is easy to learn and use.  Each team can track proposals, customer history, marketing efforts, and other touch points in real time.  When everyone is on the same page, customers will get the superior attention they deserve and, in return, you earn improved sales and customer loyalty.  Contact Socius to see how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can improve the productivity of your marketing and sales departments, generate more sales opportunities, and strengthen customer relationships.

By Socius, Kansas and Ohio Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner


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