Mobile CRM Means Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

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“The world is all gates, all opportunities, strings of tension waiting to be struck.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson


Did you ever get a call from a customer while on the road and wish you had access to all your past calls and notes?  Have you ever been at a customer’s site and heard “How much of a specific product did I purchase from you last year?”

Today’s customer is more technologically savvy than ever before.   For example, they buy books online at Amazon, can get a confirmation, and download the material to a Kindle or Tablet and start reading the book in a few minutes.  They might even post on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter which book they just bought.   So naturally the expectation is that salespeople have immediate access to information and can take action as well.  The competitive landscape in today’s business environment has customers demanding information quicker to help them satisfy their business requirements.

So what is Mobile CRM?  It’s CRM ‘anywhere, anytime and on any device that’s untethered’.  Don’t underestimate the value of grabbing the customer’s attention with that cool device you hold in your hand.  It not only looks good but has valuable content on it, which might make the difference between a customer listening to you or just placing you in the back of the line.  Today’s technology enables us to extend the top rated CRM software to those devices in real time.

If your CRM Software is not mobile ready, look to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software.

By Turnkey Technologies, Inc. – Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner

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