Microsoft Dynamics CRM Charges Ahead to Take on

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It has only been a year since Microsoft released Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, but the company is moving full speed ahead on plans to release a major update this year called Q2 Service Update. In doing so, Microsoft intends to open up Dynamics CRM to an even larger customer base and add features to help it gain an edge over

In only a few short years, the business world has changed dramatically with the introduction of cloud applications and social media. Although the interest in these new technologies has been high, most businesses have remained hesitant to throw all of their eggs into one basket.

For those willing to dive into the cloud, Microsoft has already introduced Dynamics CRM Online as well as a host of other cloud apps, but for the majority, Microsoft has maintained a gradual growth that accommodates on-premise software while also integrating many new social media features necessary for companies hoping to keep up with the new pace of business, while not prepared to be completely uprooted into the cloud.

"Some customers switching from competitive products to Microsoft have experienced significant cost savings and are able to leverage their core internal Microsoft skills,” said Mary Wardley, IDC program manager for CRM and enterprise applications.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Q2 Service Update will provide social media enhancements, such as activity feeds, status updates, and the ability to like business-relevant content.  With competitive pricing, a set of features that rivals the competition, and seamless integration with other mission-critical business applications, Dynamics CRM 2011 is poised to become a customer favorite and the ideal choice for today's businesses.

By PDG Consultants, New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics CRM Experts

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