Microsoft Demonstrates Dynamics CRM Success with Its Own Move from Siebel

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At this year's Convergence conference, Microsoft revealed how the company had finally managed to wean itself from Siebel and implement its own Dynamics CRM system throughout its business.

For those considering a switch to Dynamics CRM, it is the ultimate success story, and for Oracle and other competitors, it highlights the beginning of a significant shift in the CRM market. As Oracle's legacy applications begin to show their age and their new products fail to capture the hearts of customers, many may turn to a thriving Dynamics CRM.

This will certainly change the perception of Dynamics CRM in the minds of those who believed it did not have the juice to take on a large enterprise deployment. Enterprise does not get much bigger than Microsoft, and this is proof that Dynamics CRM can handle the biggest and best.

The initial migration away from Siebel was actually somewhat unintentional at first. Many divisions within Microsoft refused to be crippled by the inadequacies of Oracle's Siebel. The only alternative that did not involve a new CRM product was to devolve back to Excel. Instead, these Microsoft employees chose to move forward, adopting Dynamics CRM, which they already knew could handle the work load they needed from it.

For current Siebel customers who are well aware of its limitations and its dwindling shelf life, the Microsoft migration provides a glimmer of hope. Rather than being force fed with the dim prospects of adopting another bloated, inadequate Oracle product simply by default, they now have substantial evidence that Microsoft Dynamics CRM can take Siebel's place and expand far beyond its limitations.

By PDG Consultants, New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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  1. There will be bright future to Dynamics CRM. CRM is going to key the business success.

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