Investment Banks Solidify and Gain Market Share with Customer Effective: FinServ and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

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Due to increasing regulation in the financial services industry, proprietary trading units are winding down, financial leverage is being reduced, and capital ratios and liquidity standards have been raised. The ever-increasing constriction of the aforementioned profit engines combined with higher regulatory and operating costs is severely squeezing the earnings of many investment banks. In addition to the tighter margins, regulatory oversight, and capital constraints, the expectations of clients and shareholders are increasing. Despite these economic, regulatory, and competitive challenges, many investment banks are still finding effective means to operate in a profitable and sustainable fashion. These leading investment banks, ranging from global, specialist boutiques, and regional players, are all transforming their organizations and infrastructures not only to increase their operational efficiencies, but also to become more firmly aligned with client needs.

In particular, investment banks are rapidly adopting and investing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to be the centralized hub of their integrated deal flow technology platform. Enter Customer Effective, the two-time defending Microsoft Dynamics CRM East Region Partner of the Year, which offers a tailored CRM 2011 solution that addresses the specific needs of investment banks. Known as Customer Effective: FinServ, this cutting-edge end-to-end CRM platform works directly within Outlook and is also accessible through the web, mobile phones, and tablets. Examples of commonly tracked deal flow details in Customer Effective: FinServ include:

  • Deal coverage teams, syndicate group, and issuer relationships
  • Referral sources and comparable previous closed deals
  • Key contacts, decision makers, and influencers at clients, prospects, stakeholders, and service providers
  • Potential investor lists, book building activities, road show attendance, and level of interest
  • Deal revenue forecasting, transaction backlogs, and post-deal analysis
  • Call report, email, and meeting interaction historical logs
  • Client investment preferences, segmentation, and rankings related to product, geography, industry, and revenues

 Having the above info directly available on the Client profile in CRM enables more enhanced internal coordination and collaboration, enriched partner and client communication, and better deal progress monitoring. As embedded CRM processes are more consistent and deeper insights are developed, investment bankers find it easier to more effectively manage their complex myriad of relationships. Thus, client service levels improve, risk is mitigated, and more deal opportunities are uncovered and closed by the investment bank.

 Additionally, Customer Effective: FinServ can be integrated with your Microsoft SharePoint libraries to minimize the time-consuming task of locating a document in demand. For instance, the following documents can be immediately accessed over the course of a deal’s lifecycle directly from within CRM:

  • Mandate and engagement letters, term sheets, and commission/fee schedule details
  • Financial statements, red herrings, prospectuses, and other due diligence and KYC documentation
  • Pitchbooks and presentations
  • Letters of intent and IPO allocations

 To learn more about how Customer Effective: FinServ and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 can serve as the central, collaborative, and comprehensive xRM platform and productivity enhancer for your firm’s investment banking business and help you gain more market share, please visit and contact



Post by: Kevin Wessels, Customer Effective

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