Customer Effective Tablet Solution Featured at Tower Group Financial Services Conference

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Customer Effective representatives recently introduced a tablet-based branch banking solution at the CEB Tower Group Financial Services Conference in Boston. The solution was featured in a presentation called “Tablet Technology: It’s Cool, but How Do We Use It?”, which addressed the proliferation of tablet devices in the enterprise and how they can be leveraged in a retail banking environment.

Nicole Sturgill, Retail Banking Research Director at CEB Tower Group, led the session that detailed how banks can start utilizing tablets inside and outside of the branches. The Customer Effective tablet solution was featured as a simple tool that enables a branch employee to securely open a new customer account from a tablet, without having to sit down or go to a desk. The solution is built on top on of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and leverages the flexible workflow platform to allow banks to design the process to suit their needs.

image"To be able to do all of that without the paper, if the customer prefers it... there is your cost savings right there," says Sturgill. "This is a good reason to transform your branch workflow. It's a great time."

In addition to new account opening, the solution can provide a quick, 360º view of customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Customer Effective: Banking surfaces next best offers, other account information, bill pay options, and PFM (personal financial management) tools. The solution can also surface marketing materials, such as videos and pdf’s, that are managed from the knowledge base.

“The net effect of customers and bankers standing shoulder to shoulder and looking at the bank’s view of the customer is a stronger and more trusting relationship,” said Brad Koontz, Customer Effective Product Manager.

For more information about Customer Effective’s retail banking solution or the retail banking tablet solution mentioned, please contact

American Banker’s “In the Branch, Tablets Mean Money”

Post by: Brad Koontz

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