CRM is Not a Passing Fad; It’s Here to Stay Because it Works

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Businesses of all sizes choose to use customer relationship management (CRM) software because it offers many ways to improve customer satisfaction, as well as improve profitability.  You can streamline marketing efforts, turn more leads into sales, and improve long-term customer relationships with the right CRM software.  Simply put, the right CRM software can improve your marketing and sales efforts.

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM will make it easier to create and execute effective marketing campaigns.  The Quick Campaign Wizard will enable users to create specialized marketing campaigns quickly and easily.  Send mass emails to prospects or existing customers with the Mail Merge capabilities.  Share new products or services, offer discounts, or follow up on customers with a few clicks of the mouse.  All your touch points are centralized in this single software solution so that you and your sales team are always working with real-time data.

After marketing campaigns are released, leads can be tracked in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and assigned automatically to specific sales departments or individuals.  Sales can follow up on marketing responses faster, which will improve the opportunity to turn leads into sales.  All customer touch points and sales histories can be found and reported, enabling you to personalize communications with customers, further improving customer service.

Many marketing and sales staff do their best work while on the road.  Your team can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to access important data from any web-enabled device, at any time.  Track leads, budgets, and customers while away from the office.  Being mobile will eliminate common bottlenecks, such as project approvals, assigning leads or tasks to others, and following up with customer questions or making follow-up calls.  The faster you can put your hands on critical customer data, the faster you provide answers and improve customer satisfaction.

Tracking important marketing and sales data in separate software programs or manually is time-consuming and ineffective.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM will streamline marketing and sales operations so that you spend more time with your customers and making sales.  Contact Rimrock Corporation for more information on how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can improve the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts.

By Rimrock Corporation, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner out of Toronto

1 thought on “CRM is Not a Passing Fad; It’s Here to Stay Because it Works”

  1. Marketing automation is increasing in popularity amongst marketers' and the CRM apps doing best are those which integrate well with mainstream products like Eloqua and Marketo.

    In my last foray with Dynamics CRM, there did not seem to much of a strategy in integrating with the social cloud. A Dynamics CRM social connector was discussed but did not seem to exists in any real implementation that I was aware of.

    I've heard Dynamics ERP (aside from AX) are being dropped by Microsoft and there will be no new release. There seems to be the same lethargic attitude toward Dynamics CRM.

    Microsoft is only concerned with those ERP/CRM apps which make money and are missing out on the boat that Salesforce took in the CRM market (Quite surprising because they invest billions in failed areas like Azure)

    At this time, Microsoft is facing an existential threat, as their only bread and butter remains the traditional SQL Server, Windows and Office.....all of which are beginning to lose to free apps by Google.

    Will Microsoft back CRM in the near future, when Windows is priced at $9.99 in Walmart discount bins?

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