Be a Social Butterfly with CRM

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You can’t deny the incredible potential using social media in business today.  Combining social channels with your CRM can be a faster and more reliable way to reach new customers, as well as resolve issues for existing ones.

According to this article in the Economic Times, Gartner predicts that by 2014, refusing to communicate with customers via social channels will be as harmful to the relationship as ignoring their emails or phone calls is today. This is a pretty bold statement, but safe to say, pretty accurate. Social media is our new way to engage, communicate, and relate with one another. If you don’t have a good relationship with your customers through social media, you risk losing them as customers altogether. Microsoft Dynamics® CRM can help you develop your social media strategy and stay atop conversations across multiple channels.

Integrating social media into your CRM is huge, but so is mobility! Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s mobility features are advancing companies into this mobile world and beyond. The next service update will allow customers to access the complete functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM on virtually any device with a new cloud-based, cross-platform, native mobile client service for Windows Phone 7, iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices. In this article on the Microsoft website, Dennis Michalis, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM said, “In today’s hyperconnected world, customers need to be able to access their business-critical data on the device of their choice from wherever they are.  These advancements, combined with the strength of the Microsoft platform, make Microsoft Dynamics CRM an obvious choice for any business.”

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By Jim Drumm with Sikich, Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner serving IL and MO

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