Asset Management: Making Connections in CRM 2011 with Dialogs

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In my last blog, I talked about how Dialogs and Connections can be useful to Investment Bankers who use CRM. Another example of using Connections and Dialogs comes from the Asset Management arena, where it’s important to track, among other things, Consultants and Custodians for the customers of the Asset Management firm. The importance of these relationships, especially the Consultant, cannot be overstated.  Using Connections is ideal in this case, but using Dialogs really simplifies the process of creating these Connections. Dialogs reduce the process of data entry to questions and answers that are very intuitive.

Exhibit A:


Anyone can understand the nature of these, while not everyone may understand how to use Connections. This dialog creates the right Connections without the user having to understand in the least how Connections work. And it’s not to say that Connections are that hard to figure out, but rather it’s a question of needing to understand in the first place. Dialogs take the guesswork out of this, and improve the quality of the data being captured. It also improves the odds that the data will be captured in the first place.

The examples I’ve offered in this and my previous blog showcase how using Dialogs in conjunction with Connections open up a range of possibilities. Look for more examples of this in future posts, including how Dialogs reduce training time and allow for capturing complicated business process logic. If you’re in an Asset Management firm and you would like us to show you how we can assist you in getting the most out of CRM 2011, please contact us at

Post by: James Diamond, Customer Effective

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