What’s New in Dynamics CRM 2011 ? – Role Based Forms!

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Dynamics CRM 2011 offers significant new and enhanced features that can increase effectiveness and productivity in your organization. This article will highlight Role Based Forms, one of the many enhancements delivered with the new version. To see a video about creating role based forms, click here.

Dynamics CRM has always delivered rich form customization through easy to use customization tools. These tools are used to design forms that capture exactly the information needed while presenting the information to the user in a way that is most relevant to them. Dynamics CRM 2011 improves on the form design tool making it even faster and easier to design forms. In addition, Dynamics CRM 2011 introduces the ability to design and deploy multiple forms for the same record type! To continue reading about role based forms please click here.

by Nexus Tek, Colorado Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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  1. Many companies do not feel it is necessary to use CRM software. However, in order to keep a great relationship with customers you need a way to track information. CRM is a great way of doing that. Customization and role based forms are important elements and one that companies can really take advantage of.

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