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A common critique of customer relationship management (CRM) programs is that the software can lead a company to become very one-sided.  The software can collect data and provide insight; however the results are often slanted toward the best interest of the business, and not the customer.  This may actually cause you to lose a good customer, instead of winning their loyalty.

When using your CRM software, you are collecting very valuable data about your marketing efforts and the results that they have produced.  The software should highlight your best product or service, indicate the optimal type of client that might want that product or service, and identify the marketing campaign that captured their attention.  Using this data to fine-tune marketing efforts will save time and money by directing promotional materials to the proper demographic – not a customer who doesn’t fit that demographic.  Bombard a valuable customer with the wrong ads and they’ll become disillusioned by the lack of personalized attention and search for another company who remembers their specific wants and needs.

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM can provide insight into your customers' needs, as well as a consistent way to respond faster by using the real time customer data you have collected.  With more accurate information at your fingertips, you can pinpoint and deliver the precise service your customer wants.  Avoid duplication or extraneous efforts by assigning activities to specific sales members or teams.  The automatic notifications in Microsoft Dynamics CRM will ensure that customers are being contacted for follow up questions, additional sales, or replenishment sales.  If a customer doesn’t hear from you when it’s time to order more of your products or services, then they may find a company who is more responsive.

It’s important to remember that without your customers, you won’t get very far.  When using your CRM software, remember to find ways to benefit your customer that also benefits your business.  Putting your customers first will facilitate a long-term business relationship.  Contact Socius for more information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and how you can use CRM to increase customer satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty.


By Socius, Kansas and Ohio Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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