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You engage with your customers in a number of ways and those interactions provide important insight into how you should and shouldn’t do business.  In order to provide a superior experience for your customers, you want to make it easy for them to provide feedback, for you to quickly resolve problems when they arise, and to pay attention to how you can continue to improve their experience.  Companies that don’t focus on their customers’ needs or desires will quickly become irrelevant.  Customers that don’t have a good purchasing experience can easily find other companies to buy from – your competitors.

There are many ways to capture customer feedback including the use of surveys on receipts, comment forms on websites, or keeping an eye on social media.  This important data is out there and easy to collect if you make that a priority.  Turn this wealth of valuable information into usable and actionable data by using customer relationship management (CRM) software like Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.  This comprehensive software solution is powerful enough to organize all of your marketing, sales, and customer service data in a single platform.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can learn more about your customers and be ready to respond to issues or cross-sell and up-sell your products or services.  You create individual cases for your customer that can be used to organize service history and other support data regarding that customer.  This data is organized in a consistent manner and can be shared so that other employees can learn how to respond to similar problems or up-sell in similar situations.  Building consistency amongst sales and marketing teams, and other customer response departments, will streamline the process for addressing and responding to customer issues.  Using the software will add efficiency to the customer relationship process so that each customer is provided the same level of quality service.

Monitor employee or department performance with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to ensure that everyone puts superior customer experience as a top priority.  You can also use this data to continue to learn the most appropriate ways to respond to customer issues whether good or bad.  A good customer experience is important to building loyalty for your products or services.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes it easier for your employees to deliver fast, quality service.  Please contact Socius for more information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM or providing superior customer service.

By Socius, Kansas and Ohio Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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