Investment Managers Increase Client Visibility and Reduce Operational Risk with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

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With the advent and evolution of new trading exchanges and electronic communication networks, asset management firms already know the importance of speed of execution and data accuracy. The lack of real-time accurate data on the trading desk can result in fund traders making erroneous trading decisions and possibly becoming over-leveraged. Bloomberg trading terminals are not the only place where asset management personnel need instantaneous precise data, though. Leading money managers are leveraging technology to streamline and automate their operations via the seamless integration of portfolio management, performance reporting, asset allocation, trade order management, and client relationship management systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. With integration, data entered in one system can then automatically sync and populate the others across the enterprise in real-time. Since the need to enter, transfer, or reconcile data between disparate systems is eliminated, operational risks are reduced and productivity is significantly increased.

As the centralized and comprehensive client data repository for money management personnel, Microsoft Dynamics CRM facilitates team collaboration between marketing, institutional sales, client service, research, and trading groups. Operating directly within Microsoft Outlook, Dynamics CRM facilitates the collection and sharing of client details at each stage of the client relationship from prospect to RFP to due diligence analysis to client onboarding to funding/settlement to fund shareholder servicing. With CRM, different groups within the firm will no longer be held hostage to the data silos and the disclosure, transparency, and valuation of holdings are also improved. The firm can be methodical in its approach to gathering and disseminating client knowledge to effectively lay the foundation for the building of long-term shareholder relationships.

Besides tracking portfolio holdings, asset returns, transaction history, conversations, activities, interests, and opportunities of current or targeted investors, Microsoft Dynamics CRM also provides greater visibility into partner relationships. For instance, CRM can capture key contact info, insights, and performance analytics on a fund’s top financial advisor and branch distributors, cash and trade settlement operations teams, investor relations associates, institutional consultants, and other primary lead sources. Overall, CRM will empower the asset management outfit to have a deeper understanding of their sophisticated institutional and retail investors and stakeholders. Being able to better manage such a complex myriad of high-profile relationships will position the investment manager to enhance its service levels, differentiate itself from the competition, tighten alignment with the more profitable distributors, and win more investors for its current or future funds.

Customer Effective is prepared and excited to partner with your asset management firm to establish and successfully execute a capital markets-tailored Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 deployment, which can either be hosted in the cloud or installed on premise. To learn more about the operational simplicity, scalability, and flexibility of Customer Effective: Asset Management and how we can help you exceed client expectations, rapidly grow AUM, and meet heightened scrutiny and regulatory requirements, please visit:

Post by: Kevin Wessels, Customer Effective, Florida/Georgia Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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