Harnessing the Power of Dialogs with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

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Utilizing all the functionalities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is a sure bet to increase your organization's productivity, optimize daily operations, and enhance your work processes at all levels. One of the most effective ways to do that in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is taking advantage of the Dialog feature. When you interact with a customer, you want to know the information you provide to them is accurate and the information you request from them is consistent from customer to customer.

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, dialogs are used to follow standardize customer contact scripts, automatically create new records, simplify data collection, and ensure data integrity without having to do extra manual tasks. Dialogs are interactive scripts that use your organization’s business logic to guide you through communication with customers. It can address any type of interactions, with existing or potential customers.

To break down further how Dialogs can aid to your organization’s success, you can create a wizard-like script for calls that interacts with users, guide a user through automated steps to streamline data gathering, and creates new contacts and activities in CRM 2011 based on the answers of the questions asked.

One advantage of using Dialogs is having your customer representative take a call, follow a pre-defined script to gather information, then have CRM 2011 automatically create a new contact, or depending on the scenario automatically create new sales opportunity for your sales team or a new case record for your customer support department. As you enter the customer responses, CRM analyzes them and adjust the dialog on the fly. With Dialogs, the whole process will be dynamic, fast, and easy, so you can keep the conversation going smoothly and efficiently.

In this video below, I explain in detail how to create and execute a dialog in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: The Power of Dialogs

By leveraging Dialogs in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, you can build relationships with your customers, standardized data collection, and deliver the consistent business message that your organization has proven will work.

By: Hien Tieu, RSM - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner with offices in New Jersey and Minnesota

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