Create Additional Business Value in Your Investment Advisory Firm with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Elite wealth management firms utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 pride themselves on providing outstanding client service that exceeds industry standards. Their dedicated commitment to a client-first strategy and a richer service experience pays off in unprecedented firm growth and client loyalty. Everything these leading financial advisory firms do revolves around their Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology infrastructure.

For instance, Client and Prospect lists and views by AUM, by net worth, by financial advisor, by state, by custodian, by origination or termination dates not only help track business development activity, but also aid strategic planning and support regulatory examiner inspections. Views of archived emails, phone calls, and meetings along with linked client documentation and last client interaction dates promote further compliance and proactive behavior by the firm.

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Additionally, sales and support personnel maintain intense focus and prioritize mission critical activities as they can see a “My Activities” snapshot of the day’s upcoming client meetings and due tasks. The outstanding efficiencies harnessed through CRM’s workflow management enable these wealth management practices to achieve higher revenues and AUM per staff. Though they may have fewer employees than rival practices, CRM allows the firms to do more with less and still deliver differentiated memorable service.

Another highly important advantage of utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that it creates additional business value for a wealth management practice. Prior to moving on or retiring from his financial advisory practice, every owner and producer, for that matter, needs to formulate an exit strategy or succession plan. Knowing when or how to exit can be difficult, but it must be planned for sooner rather than later. Advisors with a detailed history of all client relationships in Microsoft Dynamics CRM along with well-documented internal procedures will find it easier to hand-pick a successor or divest their books of business. Since CRM makes it much easier for the new advisor to transition the customer base, it increases the firm’s worth and makes it more attractive to potential suitors. That is, an organized, transparent CRM system full of customer records, investment preferences, segmentation groupings, and interaction histories results in a higher value for the advisory firm, which translates into a larger selling price of the practice or book of business. Though not commonly cited as a major benefit of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, receiving more funds from a future buyer is a huge advantage that should not be understated.

Embracing the concept of CRM truly transforms the way wealth managers work with clients. Customer Effective has tailored Microsoft Dynamics CRM to automate the sales, service, and marketing processes of financial advisors. To discover more about our industry-leading Customer Effective: Wealth Management CRM solution and how it can create ongoing success and business value for your investment advisory firm, please contact

Post by: Kevin Wessels, Customer Effective, Florida/Georgia Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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