Advanced Find: The Most Under-utilized Feature in Dynamics CRM 2011

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The Advanced Find feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is not used nearly enough.  After talking to CRM prospects, we've found that this feature would be able to solve many of their issues with getting data out of their current customer tracking system simply by being able to create their own custom views.

A view is simply a grid that shows all the records as rows and each field that you choose to be a part of the view is represented by columns identified across the top.  Two key parts of Views are the filter criteria and the columns.  Advanced Find allows you to search using multiple search criteria.  For example,  you can search for a certain City and its  Annual Revenue Amount.

Now let’s say you can’t remember the exact city that this Account resides in, but you know it’s one of three cities.  You can add what is called an “or” clause.  Let's say you are searching for Companies that have an Annual Revenue over $500,000 and a City that is either Fargo, West Fargo, or Harwood.

Once you have the filter criteria selected, you can add additional columns.  Along with adding any columns from Accounts, you can add columns (fields) from related items, such as Contact.  To add a column , click Edit Columns >  Add Columns.  It defaults with Account as the Record Type, as that is the record type we are searching for.  But from that Record Type drop down, choose any related record type, and from there, any columns from the related record type.

Once you have created an Advanced Find that you like, click Save As and this view will be available for you to see at any time.  You can share the view with other users or teams. In order to save a view, while in the Advanced Find window, click on Saved Views in the ribbon.  This will bring up a list of all of your personal views that you have saved.  Highlight the view you would like to share and click the Share icon in the ribbon.

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By Andrea Lange, North Dakota CRM 2011 Partner

1 thought on “Advanced Find: The Most Under-utilized Feature in Dynamics CRM 2011”

  1. Can an Advanced Find be used to query for records that are shared with members of your business unit (or child business units).

    An example:
    BU structure:
    Vice President A >> Dir A >> Sales Mgr A
    >> Dir B >> Sales Mgr B
    Vice President 1 >> Dir 1 >> Sales Mgr 1

    Rep A (member of Sales Mgr A BU) owns Acct A and shares it with Rep 1 (member of Sales Mgr 1 BU).
    Rep B (member of Sales Mgr B BU) owns Acct B and does not have it shared out.
    Rep 1 (member of Sales Mgr 1 BU) does not own any accounts.

    I want a view that would allow Vice President 1 to see Acct A but not Acct B (Vice Presidents have organization access for the Read Privilege).

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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