Add a Personal Touch to Relationship Management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Managing relationships in life is a bit different fron managing relationships for business; you don’t need a software solution to help you keep track.  It’s those personal relationships that matter and that are more important, which make it easier to remember details about people and conversations.  Although different, your business relationships should still have that personal touch.

Although it seems like the primary use of a phone is becoming less about calling and more about texting, there is nothing more personal than a phone call.  Reaching out to a customer to ask about the products or services you have delivered or to see if add-on services might be needed, shows that you value and appreciate your customers.  When you use comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) software like Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, you can increase the value of a simple phone call.  Entering all your customer information into this software provides quick access data that will give your call substance, make is more personal, and give you better results.  With this CRM tool, you have the buying history, product specifications, contract terms, and any other data you enter at your fingertips.  Reminding a customer when it may be time to renew service eligibility or to see if he or she needs a supplemental order makes the customer feel like you are proactive and looking out for his or her well being.  Suggesting complementary products or services based on sales history or previous conversations could lead to additional sales.

We all have busy schedules, including your customers.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes it easy to personalize proposals, contracts, and other commonly used customer-facing documents.  Quickly providing estimates, status reports, or other updates to your busy customers will make relationship-building easier.  The faster you provide information to a customer, the faster you’ll get a response.  Using the built-in reporting and data-sharing features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM will shorten the time between leads and sales, improving your productivity and the return on your sales activities.

Giving customers the personal attention they desire will help you to create long-term customer loyalty.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM software will give you a full view of the customer so you can efficiently deliver prompt and accurate customer service and quickly respond to issues.  Contact Sikich for additional benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM software and how it can help you strengthen customer satisfaction.

By Jim Drumm with Sikich, Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner serving IL and MO

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