A Wizard to Help Troubleshoot Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Client Issues

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If you’ve ever helped troubleshoot a balky CRM-Outlook configuration, you know that there are a number of reasons why it might be misbehaving – the ‘cure’ could be locally with the configuration, with Outlook, within a CRM configuration or security.

Our friends in Redmond have released a new tool to help guide customers with Outlook issues to the right instructions to resolve the most common issues.



Stepping through the wizard and answering the questions should help lead you to the answers to the more common issues - The answers might be items that you need to change locally – or things that need to be adjusted on the server – either way it should help narrow down the problem/resolution area quickly.

There are a limited number of common resolutions in the wizard right now, but those will likely expand as common problems are identified and documented.

This is so much more intuitive than Binging around and looking for articles that ‘might’ apply – although it can’t possibly solve every issue, this should get the more common challenges addressed quicker.


At the end of each step there’s a feedback button / comment area. I speak from experience that the team that is providing this information uses the feedback to shape the subsequent updates to the documentation / tools. – If something works for you click “Yes” – and if it doesn’t any feedback you provide goes directly to the team that is organizing and writing the documentation/wizard.

Post by: Scott Sewell, Customer Effective

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