Why Would I Want My CRM System To Be In The Cloud?

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It’s a frequently asked question.  And while I think it’s important for companies exploring CRM options to evaluate cloud solutions as part of their search, let’s not overly complicate the answer.

The bottom line is that in order to make a decision, you probably want to understand what the difference is between CRM on premises and CRM in the cloud.  And you probably don’t want or need to know every technical detail.  So I’m going to make it easy. 

 The biggest difference between CRM on premises and CRM in the cloud comes down to where the server resides.  On premises CRM means that the server is in your office.  And if you choose CRM in the cloud?  Well, the server could be almost anywhere and I can’t tell you where “anywhere” is because that depends of your cloud provider.  But I can tell where “anywhere” is NOT.  It’s NOT hanging over your head in a mass of white cotton outlined against a robin’s egg blue sky.

To gain a deeper understanding of what the cloud is really about and whether it’s a good choice for your CRM system, I suggest reading what some of the experts have to say.  Here’s a good start:

Read this recent relatively short article by Reviora entitled “Cloud Dynamics – Oxymoron?”

Then head to the cloud pages on the Altico Advisors Web site.  Take a look at the page on Deployment Options  and from there the one on Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Cloud.

You can also be brave and just call us at 508-485-5588 to speak with a cloud specialist.

 By Dan Smith, Altico Advisors, Microsoft CRM partner serving Massachusetts (MA)

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