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As companies are being forced to do more with less these days, many employees suffer from information overload. These employees usually struggle to locate and prioritize key data received via email, corporate and client provided documents, meetings, more meetings, conference calls, company intranet sites, client portals, video broadcasts, industry trade-related websites, and business and personal social networks. In fact, research from Mindjet, a corporate collaboration and time management consulting outfit, shows that on average an employee “spends over 21 minutes a day searching for information they have seen but cannot find - the equivalent of two working weeks a year.” Subjected to a non-stop barrage of information from both internal and external parties at all times of the day, multi-tasking employees often find themselves overwhelmed, unfocused, and distracted. If they cannot quickly locate a critical piece of information needed to pass along to a client, project manager, or boss, the employees become especially frustrated. The negative impact of so much wasted time is huge. As employee productivity becomes severely hindered, operating costs increase, employee morale drops, and business performance ultimately declines.

Complicating matters for employees, data throughout the enterprise is often stored in multiple, disjointed systems. Thus, it is very difficult to search for data and documents that are transmitted at different times, submitted in multiple versions, sent to varying distribution lists, and saved and stored inconsistently, sometimes causing previously completed work to have to be redone. Furthermore, poor assumptions and faulty decisions are made because accurate data and answers are not universally available. As a result, it is nearly impossible to track and develop a holistic perspective of customers and prospects in this type of infrastructure.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is the solution for firms clamoring for more control, organization, and enrichment of their data. Able to be quickly integrated with existing systems, CRM 2011 serves as the central, common database to eliminate business silos in route to fostering true collaboration between departments. Open and accessible to everyone, CRM 2011 really forces everyone, regardless of department or tenure with the firm, to work together and share data. Within CRM 2011, all communication, interactions, background documentation, decision maker contacts, service inquiry history, reminder tasks, and revenue opportunity details can be related and linked to a customer profile. Any notes or data that is unique to a relationship can be highlighted and preserved, including client interests, purchasing behaviors, current service providers, important stakeholders and influencers, parent companies, subsidiaries, upcoming strategic initiatives, competitors, and company financials. Upon quickly learning and adopting the platform, CRM users will recognize that their frequently accessed records and documents can be easily located and retrieved. As they recognize that they will no longer have to waste time conducting exhaustive and sometimes dead-end searches for vital information, users will immediately see the value of the system. Since CRM 2011 offers more robust search and query tools and native SharePoint integration, employees can find what they need faster and their efficiency levels increase. As a result, the average first call resolution rates and handling times of both external and internal client-related inquiries will improve. Additionally, employees provide enhanced levels of client service and they even enjoy their jobs more. CRM is a win-win for the company, the client, and the employees.

If you are a firm struggling to locate and leverage mission-critical enterprise data and documents, please visit www.customereffective.com to discover more about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 can help your business operate more collaboratively and cohesively.

Post by: Kevin Wessels, Customer Effective

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