Microsoft Dynamics CRM: By the Numbers

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The 16th version of Microsoft Dynamics Convergence has come and gone and below are some numbers I have collected from various sources and speakers this week. Taken as a whole, these speak to the remarkable momentum Microsoft CRM (as well as Microsoft and Dynamics in general) is experiencing right now.

9,000,000,000: Amount of dollars that Microsoft invests in R&D annually. That is $3 billion more than its closest competitor in technology, and ranks Microsoft as the number 1 or 2 for any company in any industry in the world .

2,250,000: Microsoft CRM users worldwide.

1,000,000: Number of downloads of Windows 8 in the first 24 hours.

640,000: Microsoft Partners worldwide.

95,000: Microsoft employees worldwide (in 191 countries).

33,000: Microsoft CRM customers.

30,000: Microsoft employees engaged in engineering for the cloud.

10,000+: Estimated number of attendees at Convergence 2012; the largest crowd ever.

1,100: Approximate number of Solutions in the Dynamics Marketplace.

1,000: Number of servers powering Microsoft CRM Online

60: Percent of Microsoft CRM customers in the last year that chose CRM Online.

30: Percent revenue growth year over year for Microsoft CRM

30: Double-digit growth quarters for Microsoft CRM.

7 and 21: Placement of the Lotus F1 – Microsoft Dynamics branded cars (picture below) in this weeks Australian Grand Prix. Microsoft and Lotus just announced a 3 year partnership which includes Dynamics branding on the Lotus F1 team clothing and cars. Microsoft Dynamics will “be implemented at Lotus F1 Team’s Enstone, England, base to facilitate the team’s business transformation”.

6: Number of Microsoft CRM Online Data Centers (California, Virginia, Dublin, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Singapore).

6: “Big Rocks” of CRM Anywhere in the next release of Microsoft CRM (in a “few weeks”). These are mobility, browser flexibility, social, industry templates, sql server 2012 (enhanced analytics), and certifications.

5: Copies of data that exist for each CRM Online organization. These include your primary database, a synchronous snapshot database, two asynchronous copies made in the alternative data center, and daily backup to an offsite location.

4: Number of browsers supported with the next release of CRM. IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome.

1: Number of Apple iPads used during Craig Dewar’s CRM General Session demonstration. He said it made him feel “a little dirty”, and he reminded everyone that there was a Windows Phone in his pocket. This was a first as far as I can remember and signals the Dynamics team’s true commitment to the ideal of CRM Anywhere. This is even more interesting because of the news this week that Microsoft was banning iPad purchases by its SMSG group.

by Customer Effective, Florida/Georgia Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner




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