How Successful Was Your Last Marketing Campaign?

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Marketing can be as accurate as tossing darts.  Sometimes you hit the bull’s eye, other times you’re way off center.  Before throwing good money after bad, analyze marketing efforts to see what is working and what isn’t.

If you don’t have software in place that can help you fine tune marketing campaigns, it can be an extreme challenge to pinpoint what went wrong and what went right.

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM has the solution for your marketing department through a number of features. Check out these top 5 and think about how these could make your next marketing campaign more successful than ever:

  1. Data Enhancement: You can cleanse your data right within Microsoft Dynamics CRM to eliminate duplicate records and increase your cost per engagement. Instead of wasting valuable time on duplicate contacts, your time will be spent wisely and more efficiently on the prospects or customers that matter.
  2. Marketing Templates: Creating a marketing campaign from scratch takes longer and involves more resources. Save both time and money by using pre-built templates with that professional touch right within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  3. Proactive Follow Up: Once campaigns are kicked off, the tricky part is tracking responses and following up appropriately to turn those responses into leads. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can create rules to trigger responses based on customer interest.
  4. Integration with Outlook: Marketers have a ton of communications going on at any given moment and Outlook is a key program in their daily operations. Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook so you can eliminate redundant email tracking and improve overall productivity.
  5. Enhanced Tracking:  Inniaivesreas that work can easily be identified within the built-in reports of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can identify trends and allocate resources with powerful predictive analytics, making campaigns successful without a hitch.

If your last marketing campaign wasn’t successful, take a look at Microsoft Dynamics CRM and see how to turn things around.

By Socius, Kansas and Ohio Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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