Document Management and Storage in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 offers significant new and enhanced features that can increase effectiveness and productivity in your organization. This article will highlight goal management, one of the many enhancements delivered with the new version.

The new goal management functionality provides for comprehensive configuration and tracking of goals based on any data in your Microsoft  Dynamics CRM system. Goals can sum numeric fields (like total order amounts) or can count records (like number of cases closed). Goals can also be configured to filter on any data so goals can be tracked by user, team, geography, product type, etc.

Goals can also be automatically rolled up to parent goals ensuring data consistency between individual, business unit, and corporate goals for example. Goals are time phased by fiscal period or date range and automatically calculate and report not only the goal amount and actual to-date, but also in-process and current pro-rated goal values. For example, a user could view a single chart of their quarterly sales call goal that displays the total goal for the quarter, the number of sales calls completed to date, the number of open sales calls, and the pro-rated number of sales calls that should have been completed by today in order to be on track to reach the quarterly goal. To see a video on goal management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, click here.

Goal management can be applied to anything that needs to be summed or counted for a time period in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. A very common application for goal management is sales. For example, a goal might be defined for the inside sales team to book $250,000 in new customer orders in the first quarter. Another goal might be for the same team to book 10 orders from new customers in the first quarter. Goal management can also be applied to any other area of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system including custom records and data that you might have configured to satisfy a particular business requirement.

If your organization could benefit from the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for goal management or to address any other business objectives you might have, Please contact NexusTek at 303.773.6464.

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  1. Julie O'Kane-Gill

    I have imported a trial set of records into an entity called premises. The import contains address details and is directly imported using the wizard. All works fine but when I go to documentation I get a message that a folder already exists for this record on sharepoint (when in fact it does not) if I click OK I get a message to add a location and it wants me to specify the location for each record. This is not the way we want to do this as when a new premises record is created the documentation folder is created in the correct place when click on documentation. Any Ideas?


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