Cloud CRM for Less: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Cash Back Offer Now Available in the UK

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Microsoft launched Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in the UK back in January 2011. Since its launch, a lot of smaller organizations have found the convenience and benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the cloud a major incentive to deploy the product.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is also a popular solution with larger organisations. However, faced with contractual tie-ins to other solutions, concerns about the costs of moving from one product to another or financing the resources involved, some businesses have been slower to look at implementing one of the best CRM solutions available.

To help businesses overcome these obstacles, if you’re in a UK based organisation, you can get a serious amount of cash back if you buy Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for 30 users or more.

As long as you don’t already have a subscription, Microsoft will give you £101 UK pounds cash for each Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online licence you sign up for. So if you buy 30 seats, you’ll get £3030 UK pounds cash. And you’ll get £101 cash for each user up to 500 users. So if you buy 500 seats, you’ll get £50500.

This is a genuine cash-back offer. In other words it’s real cash: not credits, coupons or money off something else. This means you can spend it however you want: on implementation, configuration or training services, to get out of contracts with incumbent software, project management, a new car or an office party!

Getting started with CRM software is a major commitment for any organisation. For larger implementations this offer significantly reduces the financial risks involved. For a powerful mid-market solution, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online’s current £29.50 monthly fee for each user is much less compared to any similar CRM product. Combine this with the cash back, it’s a major incentive to get started with the product. Similarly if you’re currently using a different CRM solution and you’re finding the functionality limited, the costs expensive or that it’s just not delivering the returns you need, there’s an extremely compelling argument to switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Microsoft has been running a similar offer in the US. However, there are some differences between the UK and US offers. In the UK, companies need only have 30 users (not 50) and the UK offer is running until the 30th June, not until the end of March as in the US.

If you read into the offer details, there are a few fairly standard terms and conditions, but that’s about it (there’s certainly no catch). It’s a promotion for the cloud version of the product, so doesn’t apply to Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise deployments. You don’t need to be using a competitive solution, but your organisation does need to be new to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. You’ll need to sign up to a two-year subscription to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and also have been subscribing to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for at least 30 days before putting in a claim for the cash. You can’t take advantage of this offer in conjunction with certain other ones, or if you’re a government agency. But that’s about it. You can claim cash back for up to 500 users. You can still purchase more than 500 licences, but the cash back is limited to £50500. Although if you have more than 500 users you’re in a strong position to arrange an in-depth conversation between your organisation, Microsoft UK, and your business partner about your project.

For full terms and conditions, to discuss your CRM project, or for more information about the cloud CRM for less offer in the UK please contact Concentrix TSG.

By Concentrix TSG: independent UK CRM specialists


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