What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

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Despite the old saying “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”, what you don’t know about your business can very likely come up to bite you sooner or later.  Particularly when it comes to your customers.  Sometimes businesses develop a narrow-focus on improving products and services and forget to spend equal time analyzing customers and the marketplace.  It’s always a good thing to make your products better, more efficient, and more profitable, but if you forget about your customer, then you can be hurt by what you don’t know.

Building better customer relationships is important to keeping up fruitful sales, creating effective marketing campaigns, and generating repeat business.  Businesses look to powerful software solutions like Microsoft Dynamics® CRM to manage customer relationships from initial contact to post product delivery.  This software will provide the insight needed to shorten the time between prospect to sale, increase sales opportunities, and increase customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM organizes the entire lead generation and sales follow-up process.  You can automatically route new opportunities to specific individuals on your sales team based on predefined rules you set in the software.  Once your team has picked up a new lead, you receive a notification so that you are assured potential customers aren’t forgotten.  All contacts, whether phone, email, letter, or meeting are easily added to the customer file in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  This way, you know who contacted the customer last and what price or offer was made.

Just like your sales team does their best work on the road, you can also take Microsoft Dynamics CRM on the road.  Using any web-enabled device, you can have access to real time customer data whether in or out of the office.  At any time and from any location, you can respond to customer inquiries, provide proposals or follow up services, and even offer cross-sell opportunities upon request.  The ability to respond quicker by having current data, will close deals quicker.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers powerful analytics that will provide added insight into your sales and customers.  Learn how to identify key selling scenarios, monitor sales performance, and look for trends.  You can monitor the individual or perform rollup forecasting to create more accurate revenue projections or for financial planning.  Tracking sales quota versus attainment and monitoring trends based on specific metrics will identify what marketing campaign, sales technique, or special offer is more effective than others.  Knowing what sells best or the marketing campaign that is most successful will enable you to focus efforts in the most profitable areas.

The ability to know and respond to customer desires is just as important as providing a great product at a great price.  Get deeper insight into your customer and sales operations with Microsoft Dynamic CRM.

By Jonathan Taub, Rimrock Corporation Toronto Ontario Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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