Treat Yourself in 2012 with a New Dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Last week I decided that I really needed a new dashboard in my CRM for 2012 and I wanted to share with you how easy it was to create and how much more productive I am as a result.

In my role, I need to manage my leads effectively in order to transition them into customers.  Once I have customers to service, of course I need to manage and resolve their cases in a timely fashion and demonstrate the incredible customer care delivered by our company on behalf of our customers.  Last but not least, I need my activity list ready to hand so that I can stay on top of reminders and appointments and have the ability to easily mark these items complete as I am able to process them.

Here is my new Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboard for 2012:


In the upper left hand corner, I have a chart of My Open Leads by Rating.  I am able to drill down into my leads to quickly view active leads and their location as you can see in the screen below.

Next is my list of active customers with the ability to search the list or to simply navigate to a subset of the list starting with a particular letter of the alphabet.  Once I have focused on the customer list, my ribbon changes to present me with options appropriate to working with an account list.

In the upper right hand corner, I have a chart of my Active Cases by Priority which allows me to quickly see the subject matter of my normal cases.

Across the bottom of my dashboard, I have a list of my activities that have not been marked complete.  Once I have focused on that list, the ribbon bar changes and offers me choices that are consistent with working in a list of activities.

Given an appropriate security role in Dynamics CRM, creating a dashboard like this takes about 15 minutes and can be easily refined and shared with team members.  Do yourself a favor and design your own dashboard after giving some thought to your responsibilities and the general flow of the work you perform.

By Sherwood Systems – Arizona Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner






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