Targeted Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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What’s better than a marketing campaign with all the bells and whistles?  A marketing campaign with all the bells and whistles that’s targeted to a segmented audience who actually wants to hear what you have to say.  No, it’s not a tall order, it’s exactly what Microsoft Dynamics® CRM can provide – a sharp, effective, and productive marketing campaign.

In some instances, marketing can be as effective as throwing darts – you toss a lot of darts in hopes of hitting the bull's-eye eventually.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful software solution that provides greater accuracy for marketing efforts.  You can draw prospect and customer data from other sources and create specific target lists that can be linked to tailored marketing campaigns.  Easily export these lists for bulk mail or email contacts, or share with the marketing team.  Having current contact data in a single platform will enable the entire marketing team to respond to prospects and customers from any web-enabled device whether in the office or on the road.

Easily create catalogs, special pricing, or discounts for offers using reusable templates or further tailor messages for specific target lists within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  You can share marketing assignments and assign leads or create actionable rules that will generate an automatic response based on customer interest.  Every marketing activity, task, and budget can be tracked and monitored so that you can measure results.  Having each action item tracked in Microsoft Dynamics CRM will also ensure that marketing staff are using current data and know which offers were suggested to prospects, eliminating the embarrassing second phone call or following up on the wrong promotion or worse yet, letting a prospect fall through the cracks.

Streamlining marketing efforts will improve productivity and give the marketing team extra time to reach more prospects.  Measuring marketing efforts will help you identify trends and determine what works and which efforts yield less desirable results.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you fine tune marketing campaigns so that you spend less time throwing darts and more time hitting bull's-eyes.

By Jonathan Taub, Rimrock Corporation Toronto Ontario Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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