Sales People are More Productive when CRM Goes Social

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According to a Nucleus Market Focus survey, sales people become 11.8% more productive when social features are added to CRM software.

That’s great news for organizations using Microsoft Dynamics CRM because additional social features are being added to their CRM solution this spring!

Currently Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 users can use Activity Feeds to follow records (such as accounts, contacts, opportunities, or any other record type).  Much like Facebook, actions associated with the records that you follow are posted on the “wall” of that record and on your “what’s new” wall.  You can also comment on these posts just like you would in Twitter or Facebook.

With the forthcoming Dynamics CRM Q2 2012 Update, Activity Feeds will be enhanced to help you access the most relevant content more quickly.

Like Facebook, you will be able to “Like” and “Unlike” posts as well as using some new filtering capabilities.  Like Twitter, you will be able to view a timeline of all posts that mention you using the @me filter.  Also, you’ll be able to set up filters that will enable you to see all posts that mention any record in a particular view, regardless of whether or not you follow all of the records in that view.  That means that sales persons can see all posts related to their prospects without having to follow each one.

Microsoft has committed to continually improving the social features of Dynamics CRM and therefore supporting the productivity of sales people using the system.

Want to increase the productivity of your sales people?  Get them started using Microsoft Dynamics CRM today with a free trial!

By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner in Ohio, Kansas City, and California

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