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If you use CRM in Outlook 2010, you may see messages like this show up in your “Unread Messages” folder:


First, don’t be alarmed—this is not an error—this is a change in how Outlook 2010 handles logging. However, if you are the kind of user that likes to manage e-mails in the unread messages folder, all of these synchronization log messages can get annoying. Here is how you can filter them out of the Unread Messages folder:

1. In Outlook, select the Unread Messages folder

2. Click the View tab on the ribbon

3. Click “View Settings”


4. Click Filter, then Advanced

5. Click Field and select Frequently-used fields and select “Subject.” Select “Doesn’t Contain” for Condition and enter “Synchronization Log:” for Value.

6. Click “Add to List” then “OK.”


Now your Unread Messages folder will no longer display synchronization logs.

Post by: Joel Lindstrom, Customer Effective 

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