Microsoft Introduces New CRM Mobile Client

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The latest release of  Microsoft Dynamics CRM: R8 includes a new mobile client. Until now there was a very basic mobile client built into CRM called Mobile Express. It only ran on devices with a compatible browser and only when connected to the Internet. R8 includes a new mobile client that works with CRM Online or On Premise and supports iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, and Windows 7 phones. It allows offline access meaning there is an application installed locally on the device that synchronizes data to the local device as opposed to using a browser interface.

Users can connect up to 3 devices with a single license. There is an extra subscription required that costs $30 per user per month for up to 3 devices. The user must have a user license for Microsoft CRM as well.

A few other points:

· Administrators can remotely wipe the device should it fall into the wrong hands or if the device gets lost
· Role Tailored interfaces are supported; this means that different staff can have different forms to input and interact with data
based on their role in the organization
· Offline support will not be available for Windows Phone in the initial release

Devices Supported:

· Windows Phone: 7.5
· Apple iPhones 3GS+ iOS 5+
· Google Android 2.2+
· RIM Blackberry 6.x and 7.x
· Apple iPad/iPad2 iOS 5+

R8 Update Now Supports More than Internet Explorer!

In version R8 rolling out soon there will be cross-browser support meaning that Microsoft CRM will work on non-Internet Explorer browsers!
This also means CRM will be compatible with iPad’s, Macintosh PC’s, and other devices.

The newly supported browsers include:

Internet Explorer: Version 7+ (All Windows Versions)
Firefox: Version 6+ (All Windows Versions, Apple Macintosh OS-X)
Google Chrome, Version 13+ (All Windows Versions)
Safari, version 5.1.1+: Apple Macintosh (OS-X), iPad (iOS 5.x)

We are very excited about this update.  If you would like more information please contact us.

Beringer Associates is a  Microsoft Gold CRM Partner of New Jersey



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